Energy Saving Lightbulbs - How Many Watts Do I Need?

old_new_lightbulbsMany people shopping for energy saving lightbulbs are confused about how many watts they need to replace their existing incandescent light bulbs. Watts are used to measure how much power a lightbulb uses to produce light (which is measured in lumens). Energy saving lightbulbs use approximately 75-80% less power than a traditional incandescent light bulb to produce the same amount of light and save you money on your electricity bill.

For your ease, the table below converts energy saving lightbulb wattage from incandescent light bulb wattage:

Energy Saving Lightbulb Wattage
Incandescent Light Bulb Equivalent
5W 25W
7W 40W
11W 60W
15W 75W
20W 100W
23W 120W
30W 150W

  1. To calculate roughly how much wattage you’ll need in energy saving lightbulbs to create an ambient mood in each room, use this simple equation: Take the dimensions of the room in feet and multiply them by each other, then multiply that number by 0.3 or 30%. For example, for a 10’ by 10’ room the calculation would be (10 x 10) x 30% = 30 watts. The 30 watts doesn’t need to be made up from one light source however. In fact, it’s better to use several light sources to layer the light and avoid the creation of overpowering shadows. So in this case you could use a chandelier with three 5 watt energy saving candle bulbs and a floor lamp with a 15 watt GLS energy saving lightbulb.

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